About us

"A patch of unspoiled nature, a graffiti wall, a logging road, a sunset or a tree in bloom are examples of things we don't see but look at with passion."
Sven Gisin

Sven Gisin

Founder - Director

I trained as a commercial employee, followed by a few years in the social field. In 2005, I decided to make a living from my passion. 

At first, I started on my own by doing small maintenance work and I was soon attracted by creation. 

Self-taught, it is by taking courses and giving room for a lot of curiosity that I became the landscape gardener that I am.  

Amazed by the beauty and magic of nature, it is with it that I find my inspiration when I practice my other passions which are running, trail and sailing.

what inspires me:

We are a dynamic team of 4 collaborators whose leitmotivs are :